Thursday, August 19, 2010

Waves Do It

"Waves Do It"

This picture represents the challenge of transforming a quick, imaginary drawing into colors. It defies words that can label the objects, action and meaning in the image. As the practice of painting can include a mental exercise akin to synaesthetics, this image is the visual record of that performance. There is a special decision-making process, which connects a gray-toned form in a drawing into a color seen on a palette. Forms come forward or backward suggesting the illusion of depth. Some lines refuse to dissolve entirely into the shape but remain around it. The drawing dominates the painting. But they all have color now too.
This image does not include a horizon. It suggests a visual world outside its frame. These things are passing through, falling, bouncing and wafting like heat waves. And that can be my title, "Waves Do It".
I imagine this under some viscous media like liquid or thick gas. There are characters with sharp edges and segmented bodies reminding me of sea horses. There is a bulbous form with something inside and a hole to look into. Some things are gone leaving only tracks and trails. Is it possible to paint a form that does not remind one of a natural form with a name? This business of art is the root of the artificial.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Art Walk

We drove up to Jacksonville for the monthly Art Walk produced by the Downtown Improvement District. Other cities like Denver and St. Augustine also have events like this to promote art and their businesses. They do a great service to artists in Jacksonville and it looks like a good opportunity. It's very accessible. You could even arrive by boat! There was a big crowd around the London Bridge Pub at Ocean and West Adams St. Artists in the old public library building really suffered without air conditioning and lighting. I realize it's free.
I also came for the table tennis demonstration but it was just too hot for me. We wandered around until we found Hemming Park and the Museum of Contemporary Art. The staff there was very nice to let us in late after hours. They deserve more recognition as an art destination. It's up to artists now to improve their contribution to the event. I wish I knew who to credit for this mural with the sign in it. It was the most memorable thing I saw.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mouse on Wheels

It's been some time since I posted anything new. During the past six weeks I've had numerous starts on various ideas. I tried working from new drawings, old drawings, photos and directly, without an idea or drawing. Yes, there are times when I don't have a new idea. I just keep trying to make an original picture anyway.
This most recent picture is based on a pencil drawing. I liked the sketch and challenged myself to evolve it into a painting. This one was hard for me. I used no color references or samples. I just followed my whim, so you could call it "whimsical". I had to call it something. Of course, it's not a picture of a mouse but it does have something like wheels. Just last night the image of an item found in Tutankhamun's tomb came to me. It has a similar form to this picture. Can you tell which piece it might be?
There is also a major feature in this painting that I will not reveal until some sharp viewer can guess that also.

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