Monday, November 3, 2014

Art Studio Visit in Atlanta

While in Atlanta I visited the TULA art complex on Bennett Street with my friend Ken. The building has been occupied by artists for decades. I found some surprises to share. Immediately on entering the building the paintings of Alexi Torres were on display. His pictures intrigued me.  The door had a "open" sign so we stepped in and were glad we did. Alexi was at work on a very large canvas but stopped to greet us and make us feel welcome. The combination of the scale, his subjects and a unique painted weaving technique created compelling paintings.

I enjoy seeing artists' studios since they offer a unique view of the workplace where the pieces are made. The tools, furniture and stacked paintings tell so much more that the art gallery or museum does not.
Ken and I had just left the High Museum after viewing Cezanne, Van Gogh,Toulouse-Lautrec and many more artists from a private collection of European and Impressionist paintings. In fact, I had so much opportunity to practice my "esthetic judgement" and satisfy my visual appetite that I thought I was quite worn down. But as I entered Alexi Torres's studio I became re-energized and again aware of why I enjoyed the art experience so much.