Saturday, October 12, 2013

Visit to the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Pete

While in St. Petersburg, Florida I visited the Museum of Fine Arts. Its an cubic styled building on the waterfront. Best thing was the accessibility. We found a parking spot at the front door, which is actually in the back.They permit photos without flash so I was able to capture some details of paintings which attracted me. I wasn't familiar with these paintings before so I'm glad I went and saw something new for me.
This is a detail from Squire J. Vickers from 1927 titled "Cityscape With Sun". Its done on burlap giving it a rich texture of fabric. He was the chief designing architect of the NY City subway system until 1942 and was included in the 1913 Armory Show.

I also became interested in how hands were depicted in several paintings. This is a detail from George Luks, "The Musician" that's undated.

This is painted by Randall Davey circa 1920-25 titled "Portrait of Paul Robeson". Davey was a contemporary of John Sloan, Edward Hopper and George Bellows.

Monday, October 7, 2013

A Totem Completed

I've stopped working on this latest picture so it may just be finished. It once was a figure. Since then so much has happened. Colors have built up, forms filled and filled again. Thin paint runs down and later is surrounded by its thicker cousins. It was fun to paint. Nothing too serious. Just keep putting things in the corners and around the sides. It is gallery wrap canvas. Find little nuances. Make mini pictures inside the big picture. But keep the balance that a totem must have to keep standing.

Totem 2013
36in. x 48in.
acrylic on canvas
See how it looks from the side including the painting's edge.