Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Figure Emerges

Something I haven't taken up in recent memory is the figure. I realized that the human figure was a fitting subject for me to try and something new. After a few large pencil drawings I grew confident I had a workable layout.

As the photo below illustrates this figure is rather geometric. It is my attempt to render the suggestion of a figural form as it mirrors my own form. First sketching the lines as gestures at the end of my arm. Then laying out some environment by dividing up the picture's rectangle. Its not a self portrait yet the canvas occurred to me to be a mirror at the end of my extended arm, hinged to my shoulder.

Winterhawk studio view at the drawing board. Sept. 3, 2013
St. Augustine, Florida

I thought there must be a head, so I included a semi-circle. It could be a hat. There should be eyes, shoulders, arms, legs, a torso. Well by that time I didn't care about a figure so much as the design of the forms and the qualities of their colors.

This is no figure. It is as always a picture with shapes, colors and hopefully a germination of some life of its own.