Friday, November 15, 2013

Five Blades - New Version

Working from a digital painting I created a newer version on canvas. The process of planning and designing a picture on computer using a stylus and paint simulation application has intrigued me since the days of Deluxe Paint and the Amiga computer in the 1980's.
This painting was originally done on my iMac using ArtRage. I have written about this on my blog in the past. This time I wanted to try out the concept and see if I would be satisfied with the process and result.
I sketched out the forms freehand. The scale is much larger than the giclee print I used as a reference and the canvas is not exactly proportional. I did attempt to reproduce the same colors, blending and brush stroke qualities. It went quickly, avoiding the often long pauses deciding what to do next. I found some new features to improve the complexity while preserving the original intention, whatever that was.
So I can say that digital painting for me is a useful tool that facilitates painting of hand made pictures.
Its fun!