Sunday, January 5, 2014

Progress In January

This painting has been testing my new vision.  My artificial body parts (lenses) installed in December to remedy my cataracts have created visual anomalies. My depth and peripheral vision are altered. I am also adjusting to new prescription glasses. I took this project on as a fair challenge to see what seeing would be like from now on.

The six foot square dimensions were another challenge. Unless you work large sometimes you never experience the need to move around the piece. Consider the corners, the edges. What side is up? I feel I must maintain interest all over the picture. It looks chaotic now but there is a balance and I want to maintain it.

There certainly is a lot to find in this one. Things keep appearing. Should I keep this head, this fish, these bones? Should I paint them away or cultivate the thing? Consider that the original design was entirely free form and spontaneous. What will this turn into?